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What should I do before my appointment?

Pack your ID - you never know if you're gonna need it

  1. Eat something filling at least 3-4 hours prior. This will keep your blood sugar levels up and reduce your risk of fainting/feeling dizzy.

  2. This might sound obvious, but please remember to shower/wash the area you want pierced before your visit, especially if its going somewhere a little further down!

  3. If you have long hair and are planning on getting an ear piercing,  pack a bobble. 

  4. Come to the studio in suitable clothing, that's light on the in and breathable.  eg. No tight, high waist jeans/leggings for a navel piercing. 

  5. Come to the studio in suitable clothing, that's light on the in and breathable.                                                  

  6.  eg. No tight, high waist jeans/leggings for a navel piercing. 

  7. In some circumstances, a doctors note may be required for certain medial conditions. Its better to be safe than sorry!

  8. Keep plenty of time aside. Although I give everyone a specific appointment time, things happen. We can’t know who will be late or if anyone will faint, so its best to make sure you’ve left a little wiggle room. Don’t worry though, everyone will always be given the attention they deserve.  

What is a downsize and why do I need it?

Downsizing is when we change the jewellery you were pierced with to a shorter piece, this is best done once initial swelling has gone down. Jewellery that is too long can catch super easily on clothing, hair brushes, bedding etc which leads to irritation and more swelling.

If you decide to skip downsizing, the extra length will lead to migration, especially if the piercing gets slept on. This damage is irreversible

What if I get an infection?

Infections are prevented with proper care and attention to your piercing. Metals like steel can often tire your immune system making you more prone to infection. However, even Titanium wont stop that if your piercing is always being aggravated, touched or under cleaned. The only way to ensure you don't get an infection is to keep a regular cleaning routine and avoid touching it. 

What age do i have to be to get a piercing? 


If you are under the age of 16, you will require a parent or guardians consent. They will need to accompany you to your appointment.

Over the age of 16, you can come in on your own. Just remember to bring your ID.

For intimate piercings you need to be 18 

I’m pregnant, can I get pierced?

Unfortunately not..

When pregnant, the bodies immune system is experiencing a lot of changes and you are more susceptible to infections no matter how careful you are. The last thing you want to do is negatively impact your baby.

Do you use Piercing Guns?

Nope! Piercing guns are just all round bad news, It's essentially getting a blunt, tapered and cheaply made piece of jewellery and using immense force to push it through the skin. Piercing guns are fast and cheap, but they can put your health in danger.

"From a medical standpoint, any object that is purposefully introduced through the skin should be sterile to decrease the probability of infection,"

says Dr. Julia Tzu, dermatologist and founder of Wall Street Dermatology

 Although salons often do disinfect their instrument, they can't actually sterilise a piercing gun, its made of plastic so it would melt in an autoclave. Even if a piercing gun is wiped off with an antiseptic wipe, there's still a risk of spreading diseases  eg. Hepatitis, HIV and Staph infections. 


Any questions i haven't answered?

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